Who We Are

Who We Are

Dave Smolka, owner of B&D Glass Block, has been serving Michigan homeowners for over 20 years. As a small company, Smolka offers homeowners many things the big companies can’t. “I worked for a big company for 13 years and they’re all about production. They want to be in and out”. Many of the jobs that big companies won’t do, Smolka ensures his company will. “I do a lot of next-day jobs. I basically sleep with my phone”.

With his lower overhead, he can even do it cheaper than big companies. Because 90% of the installation is done by Smolka himself, customers can expect the utmost quality of work. While many people assume glass block work can only be done for shower walls and basement windows, B&D Glass Block works on everything from bars to kitchen islands. And that isn’t all his company offers. Specializing in cement work as well, they do porch and step repair.

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We serve the Tri-County Michigan area