Glass Blocks in Rochester Hills, MI

Glass blocks are a uniquely beautiful type of window that you can have in your home or commercial building. B & D Glass Block in Rochester Hills, MI, has been providing quality glass block window installations for over 20 years and is excited to provide you with the same service.

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Glass Block Windows

While the first glass blocks were invented in the 19th century, glass blocks became popular as a way to add light without compromising insulation. While we have more appropriate methods for insulation these days, glass blocks continue to be extremely attractive pieces that can liven up any room.

Glass blocks still provide high energy efficiency ratings due to the way that they are constructed. Standard windows often emulate the system that glass blocks use by using multiple panes to keep appropriate temperatures in and inappropriate temperatures out. With glass block windows, you don’t have to worry about a great look without efficiency — you can have both.

While glass blocks used to be preferred only for basements, modern applications allow us to do better, more intricate window designs all over the house. Glass blocks are especially attractive as bathroom windows since they keep in warmth while letting in light, and can be difficult to see into.

Our Philosophy

Our small business has a lot of experience with glass blocks and is more interested in a job well done than a job quickly done. We are dedicated to providing you with proper, experienced work that you will be excited to own and proud to show off. If larger glass block companies turn you down, know that we can help you.

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